Cheese on a Stick

How did my blog come to be named Cheese on a Stick, you may ask?

Well, when I was younger – probably around the 6th grade, as a matter of fact – my friends and I formed the elite(l33t!) squad called the Buffmonkey Mafia.

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As you can see, this mafia was very elite and important. Our battle cry was BUFFMONKEY MAFIA UNITE! (UNTIE for our dyslexic members, of which there were none).

Though we were definitely a mafia, we didn’t do much of anything. We went to the skating rink a lot. I do not condone rollerblading of any sort. Rollerskating is the way to go. Just ask those cool-as-hell chicas in the Mafia picture above.
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Of course, my mafia name was Cheese on a Stick. Have you ever had cheese on a stick? Please, if you have, let me know in a comment. I’m dreadfully curious. For those of you who haven’t had it, it’s wonderful. It’s basically a corn dog, but instead of a weiner, you get CHEESE in the middle. Wonderful, gooey fried cheese. Now, do NOT confuse these with cheese sticks. Cheese on a stick and cheese sticks are two very different foods. Cheese sticks tend to have mozzarella inside, and we often dip them in marinara sauce. Cheese on a stick, however, is full of gooey American cheese food (or every one I’ve ever had, anyway), and god only knows what all you could possibly dip this delicacy in.

The last cheese on a stick I had was when our mall had a Corn Dog 7. I used to ride to the mall with my sister (well before I could drive myself), and I vividly remember eating cheese on a stick on one of those ventures. Better than Christmas.

Ok, not really.

Anyway, my mafia name stuck with me.

According to, this is the definition of cheese on a stick:

Someone who is too cheesy to describe; anything and everything they do is pure cheese.

Will Smith in anything.

by CheeZy BeanZ

String Cheese is now my roommate. She enjoys decorating the house at random, watching season sets of tv shows obsessively, drinking beer, buying stuff from ebay and smoking Marlboro Lights. Sometimes she tries my food creations with gusto.

Holy Cheese is now married to a guy from South Africa and works at a bank close to my office. Sometimes she brings me coffee mugs full of candy when I’m at work, and we email one another obsessively on slow days. Holy Cheese enjoys steamed vegetables, The Biggest Loser, African-themed decor and her husband.


2 Responses to “Cheese on a Stick”

  1. 1 String Cheese November 28, 2006 at 9:38 pm

    ah..the good ol’ days.. spending many of my juvenile years at the skating ring hasn’t totally ruined me though. In fact, it taught me some life lessons when it comes to:

    idiotic guys, dealing with not being as talented as an elite few (i.e. cheese on a stick and holy cheese,) catching the right guys attention at the most opportune moment (i.e. looking your sexiest as you slowly roller-skate past the second turn of the ring!), and of course how to hide intoxication while traveling at fast speeds!

    I treasure those years even to the day and don’t regret a moment of fun, disappointment or fear that I might have had. You may wonder why I include fear and I can imagine how odd it might sound. Picture yourself at 14 hanging out at the ring with your friend who is 13. And don’t let me forget to mention that you are intoxicated and giggling as you’re falling down many more times than normal. Now that you see how this can be fun, think of sitting in the skating ring’s security office while the owner interrogates the two of you as to how you became intoxicated and why.

    nuff’ said :D

  2. 2 Holy Cheese November 28, 2006 at 10:36 pm

    Oh My cheesy friends who I just can’t seem to get rid of hehe =) I guess cheese just doesn’t mold that easily.. especially THE GREAT HOLY CHEESE .. I just get better with time, like a fine wine. . haha.. And my South African husband is now Native Cheese.. he has chose to join the great mafia of magnificant cheese! I remember when string cheese was always skating around kissin on goof troup… Goodness and then there were the evil squirell nutthuggers that were against us! The ones that said we changed boyfriends as often as we did panties haha~! Those were some of the funnest times of my life when it was just me and my cheesy friends. Especially when we would bring in the sprite bottle.. Good old sprite.. and falling for the finest guys at the rink Literally waiting for them to pick us up .. right stringy? Lets not forget about Cheese on a stick with her fine man Travis(strickly phone relationship hee) Aka DEWAYNE =) “yo whered u run into da wayne?”

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