Plans get complex

Or so All-Time-Quarterback says (if you don’t know who ATQ is, think the same folks from Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service).

Hell has frozen over. Ok, just kidding. But today, winter finally came to Texarkana. Last night, my boyfriend and I sat on a couch (don’t ask) on the porch and watched the last autumn evening wind down.

Sometime during this workday the sky darkened, the wind started biting and a relentless drizzle began. The temperature is dropping, ice is coming and I’m cold. The workday isn’t even over yet. Oh boy!

So, I have a problem with meat.

More specifically, raw meat. Last night my guy and I made a big boneless chicken breast and split it. The entire time we dealt with the chicken (and it wasn’t that long – we just thawed it in the microwave, dumped some spices on it and baked it), I freaked out. Now, tell me how someone who can eat cookie dough containing raw eggs BY THE GALLON without fear can be so afraid of raw meat? I was afraid to touch anything, even after I washed my hands. This, my friends, is why I bake so much crap – the thought of dealing with meat scares the holy hell out of me.

I’m going to work on that. I have a food blog now, so I really have no excuse whatsoever. For the next few weeks/months I’m going to gather a nice collection of recipes – meat dishes included – to try once I have the money to go on a huge, awesome grocery shopping trip.

In the meantime, I’m going to see if my dad can help me conjure up some persimmons, and I’m going to acquire some dried cherries and other various goodies for free from a friend of my grandma’s. After this weekend, I’ll likely have more cooking exploits – and pictures – to blog about.


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