Oh, eBay…

I’ve been purchasing entirely too many things on eBay lately, including OLD COOKBOOKS! Here’s a smattering of my random purchases:

Here are some random things I have made this week that I do not have photographs for:

  • Almond hazelnut tarts. I made some prepared puff pastry and filled them with a mixture of Nutella, almond filling and flour, and I sprinkled the filling with hazelnuts. They were uber yummy and simple.
  • Lemon donuts with homemade blackberry jam frosting. I used the lemon donut recipe that came with my Donut Express baking pans, and I used some of my mom’s homemade blackberry jam to make frosting. I found the donut recipe quite disappointing, but I ate some of them anyway.
  • Truffles! I didn’t make them the traditional way. I used an old cookbook my mum gave me. The recipe called for Eagle Brand milk, 3/4 cup of cocoa, a half cup of butter and some vanilla. I made them in the microwave. I thought the cocoa powder would make them very bitter, but they were delicious. My guy couldn’t stop eating them, my roommate approved and my coworkers all loved them.
  • Fresh tomatoes and basil (and some seasoning like garlic powder) simmered in some olive oil then tossed with angel hair pasta. The boyfriend tried it and suggested I use sauce, but I was going for something light and fresh tasting, thus the olive oil mixture. I thought it was yummy, at least.
  • Surprise muffins. I took a package of wild berry muffin mix, used buttermilk instead of water to mix them up, stuck a Hershey’s Kiss down inside each one, and sprinkled the tops with brown sugar. Mmm.

My goal from now on is to stop making so much dessert and start making some REAL food.
And now for my Christmas wish list. I don’t really expect to get anything on this list, persay, but it’s fun to pretend and ponder!

Oh, and I’m going to Little Rock tonight.
I miss Little Rock food. I mean, it’s definitely not the culinary hub of the South, but it has a lot more to offer than, say, Texarkana. Like Gaucho’s Brazilian grill, where you can get slice after slice of hot, fresh meat (sounds racy, eh?). And Ciao Baci, the only bar/restaurant I’ve ever been to that has a porch with a PORCH SWING. Hanging out on the porch swing of a bar that looks like a house… such fun. I was underage back then, too. Oh, the Flying Fish, Iriana’s pizza, Gusano’s pizza (can you tell I like pizza?), the crazy little places in the Rivermarket… what’s not to love? Almost makes me want to move back to the Little Rock area. Yes.

I’m not going for the food, though. My former college newspaper editor is throwing a shindig for her significant other, so my roomie and I are driving up there after we leave our respective techy jobs today. We’re off to see the wizard!

1 Response to “Oh, eBay…”

  1. 1 jillian December 12, 2006 at 2:06 am

    I LOVE Old cookbooks. I recently went to a booksale and came home with literally bags full of old “community” cookbooks.

    Just seeing some of the ingredients gives me a laugh sometimes!

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