So, Christmas and stuff.

This Christmas, my family changed up its plans completely – we celebrated Christmas at my aunt’s house Saturday and, instead of having another ham/stuffing/sweet potatoes Christmas dinner today, we ate tex-mex. Pictorial evidence follows.

Isn’t Chey gorgeous?

You’ll have to excuse me. I’m a proud aunt. I’m proud my sister somehow managed to make such adorable kids. Heh heh.

My present to my sister – I taped a picture of Matthew McConaughey working out on each gift I gave to each of my family members. I also used Precious Moments wrapping paper, just to push her buttons. She accused me of actually paying money for Precious Moments gift wrap. Anyway, her gift is a chocolate fondue fountain, and we would be playing with that right now but we have no chocolate chips.

She gave me a creme brulee kit with ramekins and a kitchen torch. <!!!!!!!!!!!!!!> I don’t have any butane for my kitchen torch, though, so I shall not be playing with it today.

I may play with this, though:

My parents got me this. Aren’t they awesome?

Cheyenne, however, got the coolest present of all.


Oh, and a bit more food related… We didn’t cook anything fancy. We used lots of convenience foods for Christmas this year. And we’ve been having a ridiculously excellent time together.

Nice, dark breakfast photo… Here, we have caramel sticky buns, jalapeno cheese sausage pigs in blankets, a pepperjack cheese ball, crackers, muenster, swiss and cheddar. Mm.

And for lunch… We had the ever-present rotel/velveeta dip, chili sauce, chips, mini beef chimichangas, mini chicken/cheese quesadillas, cheese taquitos, beef taquitos, tortillas, refried beans, lettuce, tomato and Stouffer’s chicken enchiladas. Yeah.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and all that jazz!

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