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Until I get established, moved in, set up, all that, in a new apartment, I won’t have too much time to experiment with my cooking – at least not until mid-April.

After all that happens, though, I’ll be doing some fervent experimentation.

Life calls.


A vaguely food-related photo and a manifesto

First, the vaguely food-related photo. Then I’ll follow that up with a few photos that aren’t food-related whatsoever. My guy and I decided to wander around downtown Texarkana on Saturday, because the sun was shining and the air was mild and the day was beautiful. I borrowed my dad’s digital camera and documented our explorations.

(This is my guy)

(this is me)


I got a pet bunny. His name is Max. No, we will NOT be eating hasenpfeffer anytime soon.

And finally…

From now on, my recipes will either be recycled from the old days or they will be low carb. I’ve been cooking way too much yummy sugary carby junk lately, and my pants are getting way too tight. So low carb it is! To start off, though I don’t have pictures, my friend Leonard helped me make an extremely delectable dish yesterday: MOCKAFONI AND CHEESE. Good stuff. It’s basically your everyday mac and cheese, but instead of noodles, you use cauliflower. I also added bacon and broccoli florets to mine. Mac and cheese is a humongous major weakness of mine, so it’s good to know I have low-carb alternatives.

Now, more than ever, my blog’s title has a true purpose – how many things can I create using strange combinations of cheese, the ultimate low carb snack? I HAVE A NEW MISSION.