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Unlikely combinations

Sometimes, you just get the munchies. You get creative. You scour your pantry for edibles but you can’t find anything that seems particularly appealing.

When this happens, I like to mix and match and create. My pal Leonard was over the other day when we were confronted with the munchie problem, so we made this creation:

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Some happy news: I may be about to inherit a digital camera when my mother upgrades, and I’ll be getting Internet access at the new apartment (you know, the one with the kitchen that’s ready for action) soon enough, and hopefully I’ll be able to create treats more interesting than m&ms and Chex Mix.

Until then, cook a little extra for me.



Well, I found an apartment (with a cute little kitchen that will be the center of my food experimentation for at least the next six months), but I still have not been cooking. However, I took a nice little weekend road trip to Little Rock and got to FINALLY experience some real Greek food! Excuse the blurry photos, please. I commandeered my dad’s digital cam, and it isn’t known for its beautiful closeups of beautiful food.

Leo's Greek Castle
Leo’s Greek Castle is in West Little Rock and is a teeny tiny little building that’s, well, almost triangle-shaped. The dining room is also tiny – I think they had about five or six tables.

Leo's Greek Castle
I’ve got no basis for comparison, so I’ll just tell you how yummy the food was. I’ve never eaten real Greek food before. The only hummus I’ve had is from Wal-Mart. Sad, huh?

Hummus at Leo's Greek Castle
This hummus, though… Oh man. Could taste the freshness of it. The fresh olive oil… It was creamy and delicious and perfect.

Falafel at Leo's Greek Castle
I’ve never had falafel before, though I love saying that word out loud, and I drive everybody crazy when I get on an “I want to try falafel, dammit!” kick. I finally had some. And it was good. It was good. That’s all I can say. Well, I can also say that the soft pita, cucumber salsa and creamy hummus also tasted good with the falafel. And I can also say that I’m drooling right now. Damn.

Flan at Leo's Greek Castle
I’m not one to pass up dessert. Here, flan. Flan! It was not remarkable, but it was enjoyable.