Tutku, a bunny, and a puppy

I had to abandon my journalistic tendencies to leave out the serial comma in the title, because “Tutku, a bunny and a puppy” just looks a bit silly. First, the Tutku.

Picture 031

The Eti Web site has this to say about Tutku: “Latest from Eti, Tutku is a candidate to be the best sale of all times. Produced with the latest technology this product is unique in the entire world. The soft real chocolate filling is an irresistable real delight.”

They’re right! I found these cookies at Big Lots, of all places. Scary, huh? They’re an interesting swirled shortbread pattern, and they’re filled with what tastes like thinner Nutella. They are delicious, slightly decadent, and it is advisable that you try them as soon as possible.

Picture 033

Picture 034

Picture 035

(apologies for the dirty thumb nail)

Other than trying these crazy Tutku cookies, I’ve also been up to other things. First, I’ve been taking pictures at the new apartment, but mostly of the animals.


Blue Bunny!

Nap time

And finally… THE NEW PUPPY!
Her name is Scout, and she’s a straight-up mutt. My boyfriend works at an animal hospital, and a coworker brought them in after she found them in a cemetary while attending a funeral. So Scout is a ghost puppy, maybe?



Cute attack


2 Responses to “Tutku, a bunny, and a puppy”

  1. 1 Randi April 28, 2007 at 1:53 am

    Aww, scout is so cute I want to kiss her little puppy head.

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