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I’ve been talking a lot about reviewing candy lately, and my coworker Kevin surprised me with a box of Toffifay when he returned from his lunch break today. Now, after some research, I learned that Toffifay has been around since 1973, when it was first sold in Germany. Somehow I’ve gone my entire life without trying Toffifay… until today.

Though you’ve likely tried this candy before, I’m going to analyze it anyway. It’s new to me – why not?

These candies are cute. Ridiculously cute, even. The package describes the Toffifay-making process like this: “We spin chewy caramel into a little cup, drop in a whole hazelnut, cover it with chocolate hazelnut filling and top it with a drop of delicious chocolate.” Little hazelnut baskets! It couldn’t be more adorable!

When I opened the package, I smelled caramel, and for good reason – it makes up 41 percent of each piece (according to Wikipedia, at least). Kevin bought the 15-piece box (4.3 oz), and Toffifay makes you feel a little more special than normal – the candies are each cradled in their own space in a gold-colored plastic liner, much like a fancy box of chocolates. The caramel is firm and cool to the touch, and the spot of chocolate on top melts when I touch it. It’s slightly greasy, but when it stands alone, it has a pretty nice flavor that isn’t too sweet.

The combination of caramel, chocolate and hazelnut feels right. It feels classic. Everything about it is decadent and chewy, except for the delicate crunch of the hazelnut hidden inside. The chew-factor is just about right, too – it won’t pull out your fillings, but it’ll give you a minute to chew and ponder the awesomeness of its hazelnut essence. I shouldn’t have been surprised. I’m a sucker for Nutella and pretty much every hazelnut-related candy I’ve tried.

I’m certainly a fan of Toffifay now, though. Thanks, Kevin!


ma, where’s my toof?

I have a fridge, freezer and pantry full of groceries. They’re falling out of the cabinets. There’s more food than I could eat during a lifetime in a bunker if a nuclear war hit.

So tell me why I’m having Ramen for dinner?

Probably because Monday night, when I chomped down on some rice and chicken, I felt a crack. The crack of my nightmares. My tooth broke.

Luckily, it’s on the side. I had an emergency trip to see the dentist, who couldn’t salvage the tooh. He removed it.

Nothing like a missing tooth can kill your appetite for a few days. Note to self: go to the dentist regularly, even though you can’t afford it!